Ye Minyu represents SAA at iBuildSG Lead Horizon Programme

31 March 2023

SAA Director Ye Minyu spoke about her experience in the award-winning Terminal 4 of Changi Airport at a panel discussion within the iBuildSG LEAD Horizon Programme. The panel discussion was organised by SMU-ExD Executive Development and the BCA Academy, as part of a sharing session to mentor potential leaders in the built environment sector.

Terminal 4 was a challenging and complex undertaking completed within an unprecedented three years. A collaborative client-consultant-contractor approach adopted by Changi Airport Group, SAA Architects Pte Ltd, and Takenaka Corporation was a key ingredient in the project’s success. Minyu shared that “Changi Airport Group (CAG) brought everyone on board with a common vision. As a public project that represented the country, we all had an interest to finish well. We took an interest to understand the other party’s work, communicating frequently to find better solutions without finger-pointing.”

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