Stesen Chan Sow Lin


MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T) Sdn Bhd




39, 940 sqm


Completed in 2023

The larger Chan Sow Lin area consists mainly of older industrial complexes. In parallel with the Bandar Malaysia development, Chan Sow Lin is planned to become the city’s state-of-the-art automotive business park.

Stesen Chan Sow Lin enables an interchange between KVMRT Line 2 and the current LRT as part of the urban rail network. As a paid-to-paid link, it efficiently connects passengers from the MRT line to the existing LRT station across Jalan Chan Sow Lin via a pedestrian overhead bridge.

The station is designed to be integrated with a future transit-oriented development located above the station box. The station concourse will connect seamlessly with the commercial areas in the basement of the future development.

The station celebrates the industrial vernacular through materials that are reflective of an industrial area such as folded metal plates are introduced, weaving old materiality with contemporary form. The station entrances feature folding planes, clad in aluminium, the folds highlighting the flow of passengers as they travel between the MRT and LRT lines.

  • BIM Level 2 Excellence Award, 2018

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