Newton Interchange Station


Land Transport Authority (LTA)




12, 064 sqm


Completed in 2016

With the introduction of the Downtown line (DTL), with a stop at Newton, a new station was added to the North-South line station. Originally, the two stations were to have a paid-to-paid connection, which would have a larger impact on the surroundings during construction.

As part of the Design and Build Construction Team, SAA proposed that the DTL station have its own station entrance and have connecting passengers exit from the station at one line and tap in to enter the other. This minimized the impact to the surrounding built environment and greatly reduced the time and cost required for construction.

Despite being a temporary station entrance, to be integrated with the new development that comes into the site, the new station entrance is conceived as a highly visible marker that brings nature back to an urban landscape of walls and cars at the Newton Circus Junction.

The station entrance takes an organic round form, with the surrounding landscape sculpted to rise to the station entrance level. The rounded form of the station entrance roof draws passengers in from this landscape with metallic fins that rise and fall in response to the sculptural ground. The play of light and shadow on the fins brings this station entrance to life during the day. In the night, it glows like a round lantern, continuing to draw passengers in, serving as a beacon in a busy intersection.

  • BCA Construction Excellence Award – Civil Engineering Projects, 2017
  • BCA Construction Excellence Award – Construction Safety, 2017

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