Long Hua Super Commercial Zone

The Long Hua Super Commercial Zone in Shenzhen’s Renmin Road business district will be structured around a “super cross” – a crossing of the city’s fast paced and dynamic commercial and business district along a longitudinal axis, with a recreational and leisure pedestrian focused green axis oriented latitudinally. This method of interweaving forms a framework that can function dynamically, while still respecting existing ecological surroundings.

An Integrated Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Hub with an Elevated Discovery Loop

A 4km long elevated Discovery Loop is proposed to connect major commercial centres and public nodes around Long Hua’s central commercial district. Using the Discovery Loop, pedestrians will be able to travel between buildings seamlessly and safely along a car free pathway, while autonomous vehicles can deliver goods within the district easily. At the heart of the loop will be Long Hua Station, a super TOD interchange hub, where future planned underground subway lines along Renmin Road will link up with the above ground subway Line 4.

The TOD interchange and Discovery Loop are part of the strategy to reduce and relieve current serious traffic congestion situations in the business district, by encouraging the use of public transport and enhancing transit efficiency at the TOD hub. A dedicated pedestrian walkway in the form of the Discovery Loop means accessibility will not be compromised, even as additional underground roads may also be added in future phases. At the same time, by lifting the tall buildings in the district and detaching them from their podiums, roof gardens, retail markets and communal spaces can be created in the resulting space between. These spaces will be activated and made vibrant with their connections with the Discovery Loop.

Creating an Ecosystem of the Future

To ensure that the Long Hua business district integrates with its surrounding natural landscape, and stays comfortable during hot summers with lower energy consumption and better passive ventilation methods, green parks are planned in different sites to promote wind channelling and mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect. These parks will also work as “sponges” in absorbing excess surface runoff and reduce flood risks, while acting as ecological habitats for different species of flora and fauna.

The Long Hua Super Commercial Zone is structured with a Smart City framework that allows it to stay relevant even as future data on how its spaces are used will be gathered by planners. The provision of smart stormwater management, district cooling, central waste management, autonomous vehicle network, electric charging stations, and central data centre systems will ensure that services to the district stay highly customisable and adaptable to changing needs.

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Long Hua District City Renewal and Land Renovation Bureau
Longhua District, Shenzhen, China
325 ha

Key Leaders

CEO, SJ Global Architecture (ASEAN & North Asia)

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