Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

Long Hua Super Commercial Zone


Long Hua District City Renewal and Land Renovation Bureau


Longhua District, Shenzhen, China


325 ha



The Long Hua Super Commercial Zone in Shenzhen’s Renmin Road business district will be structured around a “super cross” – a crossing of the city’s fast paced and dynamic commercial and business district along a longitudinal axis, with a recreational and leisure pedestrian focused green axis oriented latitudinally. This method of interweaving forms a framework that can function dynamically, while still respecting existing ecological surroundings.

An Integrated Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Hub with an Elevated Discovery Loop

A 4km long elevated Discovery Loop is proposed to connect major commercial centres and public nodes around Long Hua’s central commercial district. Using the Discovery Loop, pedestrians will be able to travel between buildings seamlessly and safely along a car free pathway, while autonomous vehicles can deliver goods within the district easily. At the heart of the loop will be Long Hua Station, a super TOD interchange hub, where future planned underground subway lines along Renmin Road will link up with the above ground subway Line 4.

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