Junfa Corporate Office


Junfa Real Estate Co Ltd




42,600 sqm


Completed in 2011

Located in Kunming’s city centre, Junfa Corporate Office (Junfa Centre) was developed as a high-end iconic office tower in an area where skyscrapers are spaced out and appreciated for their form. The facilities in the building include a convention hall, retail outlets, F&B offerings and banking functions, making the 5A-graded office tower a prime commercial centre in Kunming.

Drawing inspiration from the intersecting winding streets of Kunming, the building’s zig-zag form is informed by the flow of human traffic around the building. With an entry from the secondary road facing Ging Ko Department Store, the large entrance canopy welcomes pedestrians from the street, appearing to push the façade inward, toward the shorter clear box where the convention hall is. The building then folds upon itself as it rises upwards, with criss-crossing patterns formed by 2 colours of glazing on the façade, suggesting the crossing of different user groups within the building.

The iconic form is visually stunning from afar, giving the project a strong identity in the region and becoming an icon for the residents of Kunming.

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