JTC Bulim Square


JTC Corporation




161,764 sqm


Completion in 2024

Pioneering an industrial mixed-use development for connectivity and productivity

Bulim stands as one of the five precincts within the expansive Jurong Innovation District (JID), strategically located in Singapore's western manufacturing belt. This district is a hub for various key industries, including advanced manufacturing, robotics, urban solutions, clean technology, and smart logistics, positioning itself as an ideal platform for test-bedding and innovation.

Bulim Square is among the earlier developments within JID, and consists of four blocks of industrial factory spaces that are linked at Level 2 through the Mobility-Deck (M-Deck) — an elevated, raised landscaped platform catering to pedestrians, cyclists, and autonomous vehicles, and connects different buildings across the Bulim precinct. This M-Deck also features a raised plaza that connects to a vast public park above ground, complete with commercial and public facilities catering to visitors.

Bulim Square will be connected to Singapore’s pioneering underground District Logistics Network, which allows goods to be transported without heavy vehicles congesting traffic at road level. This revolutionary network facilitates the transportation of goods without causing congestion at road level, mitigating the impact of heavy vehicles on traffic. Beneath the surface, the four blocks are interconnected via the basement, which houses the Central Services Tunnel. This tunnel efficiently provides utilities to Bulim Square and the adjacent plots, with services routed within developments rather than under public roads. Delivery vehicles are directed to the basement as well, where shared loading/unloading bays contribute to streamlined logistics. Additionally, delivery vehicles and automated goods vehicles (AGVs) can access other plots through connecting tunnels.

The design and connectivity of Bulim Square aim to foster a sustainable environment conducive to an active community. This community is envisioned to come together for innovation, co-creation, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The integrated infrastructure not only supports industrial activities, but also emphasises the importance of harmonising innovation with a vibrant and interconnected community.

  • BCA Universal Design Mark Award – Gold Plus, 2021

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