i-City Integrated Development


i-Berhad, i-City Properties




291, 374 sqm (Master Plan Area) 466, 865 sqm (GFA Plot 4 & 5)


Completion in 2025

i-City is a 72-acre urban development beside Federal Highway in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. It is poised to be the bustling heart of the Golden Triangle of Selangor through provision of a high level of corporate, leisure, commercial, residential, retail, medical and hospitality real estate coming together as the biggest integrated intelligent development in Shah Alam.

Its design interweaves the nodes that embody i-City’s mixed use nature – the proposed i-City Central Business District, the existing iSoho residential areas and the existing i-City shopping mall. A 1 km elevated pedestrian walkway links the 3 nodes to create a strategic loop of interconnected activities.

The commercial zone is organized as series of nested rock-like volumes, which have been broken apart to reveal a flowing energetic commercial canyon, that embodies the vibrancy of i-City and connecting it to the urban fabric of the city.

The urbanistic building skyline showcases the beauty and richness of local culture while achieving a futuristic architectural design. Within these blocks, the 70-storey skyscraper named The Jewel houses a 5-star hotel and Grade A offices, set to be the tallest tower in Selangor.

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