Celebrating the women of SAA

8 March 2024

This International Women’s Day, SAA celebrates the women who make up 47% of our whole practice, 43% of SAA’s registered architects, and a third of its leadership. It is one of the lenses through which SAA appreciates the diversity of talent in the firm.

"Women architects and designers bring unique perspectives to the way we craft and shape our cities. We believe in the equitable representation of women in our firm's practice, and the benefits this representation brings," said Yeo Pei Shan, Chief Operating Officer of SAA.

"We see the importance of empowering all our individuals to pursue their professional ambitions, while recognising and appreciating the many other roles they play," she added.

The Brand & Communications team spoke to the women of SAA — architects and designers of various nationalities and ethnicities who are at different stages of their careers — to find out who inspires them, what values they feel women bring to the profession, and to pass on words of encouragement to fellow women aspiring to join architecture. Watch the video here.

SAA is committed to the inclusivity and empowerment of women in its practice.

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