Ooi Wei Yap presents at the Zak World of Facades

24 March 2023

SAA Design Director Ooi Wei Yap was part of an expert panel that addressed the topic: “Designing Low Carbon Façades for a More Sustainable Future” earlier this month at the 114th edition of the Zak World of Façades.

At the forum, he said that “there needs to be a collective partnership across disciplines to address the environmental urgency we are facing”, with the move to adopt low-carbon strategies in building design being among one of the issues discussed.

“Our team is exploring research-led and data-driven outcomes to help guide our clients in their decision-making,” Wei Yap said after the event, adding that there have been significant advancements in the development of computational design, which could inform this shift.

With the built environment sector responsible for nearly 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, harnessing and applying this new data will be an important next step in ensuring a low carbon future.

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