Urban & Master Planning

As populations in cities increase rapidly and the world grows more urbanised, successful master planning now requires a combination of bold visionary ideas, strong understanding of on-the-ground needs and sentiments, and pragmatic strategies for implementation. At SAA, we focus on creating urban settings that can enhance and enrich how users experience and utilise their environments.

Having executed several extensive urban and master planning projects, we appreciate that successful schemes require a balancing of functional needs, multi-use programmes, resource consumption, pollution, and technological changes. Through this approach we have been able to establish unique communities with a strong identity – those which are well-connected, sustainable, and flexible to changes in the present and future.

Kepri Bay

Bintan, Indonesia

JTC Bulim Phase 2 – Infrastructure Works


Lakeview Golf Course

Kunming, China

D’Hive Global Digital Media Hub

Songjiang, Shanghai, China

Hangzhou Future Community Masterplan

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Jurong Lake District


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Urban & Master Planning