Regardless of where people explore or travel to, they will always have a desire to relate to and experience local places, spaces, and cultures. We understand that hospitality venues can foster those connections through careful crafting of functional programming and architectural design.

SAA has designed and delivered service-oriented projects that range from single hotels within city centres, to planning resorts embedded in nature. Our emphasis on a humanistic approach to imbue our architecture with a strong sense of place and celebrate the genius loci of a site, has produced curated experiences that continuously serve to surprise, delight, and satisfy visitors and guests.

Taman Ria Nongsa

Nongsa, Batam, Indonesia

Lakeview Golf Course

Kunming, China

Kepri Bay Serviced Apartments

Bintan, Indonesia

Kepri Bay Villas

Bintan, Indonesia

Marriott Penang


Tianjin Westin

Tianjin, China

Key Leaders


CEO, SJ Global Architecture (ASEAN & North Asia)