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Senja Care Home and Bukit Panjang Polyclinic

Bukit Panjang Polyclinic and Senja Care Home is Singapore’s first co-located Polyclinic and Nursing Home. The building is set into a sloping hill, with Senja Road at 9m above Woodlands Road. Vehicles enter from Woodlands Road at Level 1, where the first 2 stories consist of carparks and communal spaces for the Bukit Panjang Community.

Pedestrians can enter from Woodlands Road at Level 1, from Senja Road at Level 4, or via the overhead bridge at Level 5. The multiple entry points provide universal accessibility and integration into the community.

The 60-person senior care centre and polyclinic are located at the 3rd to 5th stories, with the 365-bed nursing home located above, from the 7th to 12th storeys. Co-location allows sharing of automated pharmacy, community rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, providing a continuum of care for seniors.

With a focus on patient experience, physical and technological features make wayfinding intuitive, such as clear departmental and room coding/ numbering system supplemented by colours and floral motifs and bright day-lit waiting areas with views to greenery.

The nursing home is arranged in cosy clusters of four rooms with four beds in each. Each cluster has its own living room where residents may watch TV, prepare meals, play games, and interact with other residents in a home-like and therapeutic environment with its own themed motif and colours based on Singapore’s heritage. In the middle of each residential floor, there are larger common spaces shared by four to five clusters. These include multi-purpose rooms and gardens where residents may enjoy nature or do some gardening.

During construction, SAA worked closely with the contractor on detailing the PPVC modules, seamed and connected in the field with minimal construction, challenging the typical use of PPVC units and successfully saving the manpower needed during construction.

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MOH Holdings Pte Ltd
20,269 sqm
No. of Beds
365 Nursing Home Beds
Completion in 2020
Design and Build
Teambuild Engineering and Construction

Key Leaders