Orchard Station

The TE14 Orchard Station serves as an interchange station, linking the North-South Line (NSL) with the new Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). It is located underground within a URA future sale site, and will eventually be incorporated as part of and be connected to the future development to be built there.

The design brief called for the station to integrate seamlessly with the existing NSL station and adjacent ION and Wheelock Place malls, yet still establish itself as a unique and distinct transport hub within the premier Orchard Road shopping district.

To maximise connectivity and interfacing with its catchment area, Orchard Station has five entrances spread along Orchard Boulevard and Paterson Road, in sites occupied by lush flora. These entrances have been designed to be built into the slope and greenery of their locations, to reduce their impact on the heritage trees and landscaping at ground level. The entrances’ heights are also kept low in order not to block pedestrian’s views and wayfinding along the road.

Orchard Station is projected to have consistently high commuter usage and transfer numbers, so creating clear wayfinding and a strong sense of orientation are fundamental to its design. Linkways connecting to the NSL station have walls in a red and white pixelated graphic print, while the station’s concourse and platform level walls are in various shades of red. They give a recognisable identity to the station, as abstractions of the colours of the nutmeg fruits and seeds that were historically grown in the Orchard area.

Overhead, the faceted stainless steel panels of the station’s ceiling mirror the brisk and unceasing movement of commuters to and from trains, and between MRT lines. It is representative of how the Orchard Station is reflective of and inspired by the hustle and bustle of its immediate locality.

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Land Transport Authority (LTA)
26,660 sqm
Completed in 2022
Architectural & Engineering Consultancy
Thomson-East Coast Line

Key Leaders

CEO, SJ Global Architecture (ASEAN & North Asia)

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