One Raffles Place Podium


OUB Centre Limited




7,677 sqm


Completed in 2014

The One Raffles Place Podium enjoys a long frontage along Raffles Place Park, with full access to both ground level entrances to Raffles Place MRT, and the other offices buildings that front the park. The service cores and vertical circulation spaces are placed to the sides of the building and shops arranged around an atrium, that seamlessly draws shoppers in, as an extension of Raffles Place Park - the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.

The skylight over the atrium gives it an outdoor feel, as daylight filters through a triangular pattern - a motif used throughout the building, as a reference to the triangular form of Tower 1 (completed in 1986) and the facade design of Tower 2 (completed in 2012). The motif is continued on the podium's facade, unifying podium with the 2 towers through a strong identity, while giving a human scale to a large open space.

The podium's facade gradually steps back, seeming to slide under the tall entrance of Tower 1, leading pedestrians to the triangular form lift core that serves as the entrance to the restaurant at the top of Tower 1. The jagged steps are reflect the way the sharp edge of Tower 1 points towards Raffles Place Park, seamlessly joining the form of the buildings as one.

  • BCA Green Mark Award – Platinum, 2010

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