With ferry accessibility from 2 terminals connected via the main vehicular spine that links all the resorts facing the Northern Coastline at Bintan, and air accessibility to Bintan Resorts International Airport, it is part of Bintan’s overall Masterplan to have the northern coastline of Bintan becoming a synergistic resort/housing zone, making use of its existing 2 waterfront golf courses and beach front hotel and conference facility, with breakwater protected CIQ on site.

The augmented resort will provide marina and edu-tainment facilities to create a returning client base beyond weekend visits, wellness centers in the hotels and sustainable eco resort community for both residents and visitors that connects them with nature. It will also promote permanent home ownership with a range of waterfront unit types, as its accessibility allows it to be a viable home for Singaporeans and Indonesians, as well as visitors from regional countries. The vibrant range of offerings will energize the resort and complement the other resorts in northern Bintan.

The existing contour of the land allows the various activities to be terraced into the terrain, maximizing views to the sea and providing connectivity to the surrounding nature. Conceived as a car-lite community, residents would use buggies for transport around the resort, promoting active mobility as they Live, Work and Play in this community.

Pacific Star Group
Bintan, Indonesia
1,014,500 sqm
Concept Masterplan Completed
Feasibility Study & Concept Masterplan

Key Leaders

Chief Executive Officer, SAA
Chief Executive Officer, SJ Global Architecture (ASEAN & North Asia)

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