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Kepri Bay Villas

Kepri Bay and Bintan Lagoon Resort are internationally renowned for their golf courses, with players from all over the world coming to enjoy their unique waterfront location. The Kepri Bay Villas offer a place where active adults can retire and revel in living close to nature. 150 detached villas are proposed as part of the Kepri Bay Master Plan Phase I’s scheme to create a vibrant retirement community for active aging. These will feature a modern tropical architecture, with integrated communal facilities that include gardens and multi-function pavilions.

The villas’ design is guided by the existing features of the site. The detached villas are sited on a hill and divided into different tiers at varying heights, so that each individual unit can enjoy views into the golf course and beyond. Residents can benefit from being part of a larger community, while still maintaining their private spaces. A large central park situated at the top of the hill functions as a communal area for social and interactive activities like gardening and farming.

The villas have gardens with trees to act as green buffers in between the properties and golf course and retain a level of privacy despite their proximity. They also feature smart home automation and safety devices to ensure a relaxing and secure environment for residents.

Pacific Star Group
Bintan, Indonesia
57,800 sqm – Site Area
15,832 sqm – GFA
No. of Rooms
150 Villas
Completion in 2023

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