Jurong Lake District

The 360-hectare Jurong Lake District (JLD) is positioned as Singapore’s second Central Business District. Located adjacent to Jurong Lake Gardens, JLD is created in the heartlands for families and community to come together, with a new science centre and a 7 ha integrated tourism development. The dense mixed-use programme tailors a mix of live-work-play amenities intended to yield some 100,000 new jobs and add 20,000 new homes.

SAA collaborated with KCAP and envisaged the new JLD as “a City in a Garden”, a play on Singapore’s reputation as a “Garden City”. The masterplan combines interaction, inclusion and flexibility with functionality, and a strong identity through the following design objectives:

– A hub for the future economy through multiple scales of centrality, including businesses and innovation within Knowledge Corridor. The vibrant mix of uses are kept flexible for adaptability.

– A new paradigm for mobility where the streetscape is designated for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, while major transport and common services are placed below the city for a car-lite district. A multi-level pedestrian walkway system connects transport stations to major amenities.

– An ultra-dense mixed use district is integrated with ultra-generous blue-green public, through new water-catchment and eco-system technologies, while creating a streetscape network for active mobility, walkability and interactive public spaces.

– A smart and sustainable district for the future where energy, waste disposal, goods delivery and parking are organized as shared systems underground that future buildings can plug into.

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Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
360 ha (Master Plan Area)
160 ha (Detailed Master Plan Area)
Completed in 2018
KCAP Architects & Planners

Key Leaders