The WHC project is the positive result of successful collaboration and innovation. SAA worked with the WHC management team from the onset to develop new care models to enable the shift towards greater community-based care.

WHC is the first medical campus in Singapore, with all the facilities and services conceptualised and developed at the same time; and is the first of its kind to integrate a nursing home (long-term care facility) with both acute and community hospitals that are built together and share the same building.

The integration of facilities and services were designed as an innovative response to the newly-developed care models. Besides allowing for the decisive shift towards greater community-based care, the models of care were developed as best practices for healthcare professionals to focus on direct patient care. The care models factored in the need to leverage smart technologies and automation as a real and tangible solution to Singapore’s ageing population and manpower constraints.

The firm collaborated closely with all stakeholders to amalgamate the new care models with design and medical planning; and the final design environment sought to seamlessly amalgamate the full range of medical services, while leveraging technological automation and innovation into a SINGLE, INTEGRATED facility providing patients with seamless, person-centric care; ranging from the urgent to recovery to end of life.

  • Client : Ministry of Health
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 256,171 sqm
  • Type : Healthcare
  • Status : Under construction, completion in 2021