The Integrated Logistics and Distribution Centre,located within the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, is an energy efficient green warehouse with a net lettable area of 35,000 sqm that spans across 3 levels of spacious depository space. The modern and sleek design of the building sets a new design stardard in the eco-city using innovative materials like high performance glazing and aluminum ventilation louvres. These louvres are used innovatively to reduce wind draft during the cold and chilly climate months which efficiently insulate the building from extreme weather conditions.

An administration building is opportunely located to serve the warehouse area and each individual warehouse is flanked by an adjacent office space to directly serve each warehouse. Other amenities like canteen, driver’s lounge, dormitory and bicycle area are also provided within the building.

The warehouse is also strategically located to efficiently move goods in and out of the eco-city. Upon completion, the logistic and distribution centre will serve as a prototype for the future green warehouse development of Chinese cities.

  • Client : Keppel Telecommunications & Transport Ltd
  • Location : China
  • Size : 42, 000 Sqm
  • Type : Industrial . Transportation
  • Status : Completed In 2011