Designed with KieranTimberlake

This competition entry is for The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Plot B student housing design. The masterplan forms part of the grand overarching concept of creating a vibrant campus which maximizes opportunities for contacts, communications and exchanges of ideas.

In the masterplan, the ‘secondary spine’ is a living-learning corridor, which is used as the main design feature that ties the various sites together. Facilities such as retail and multiuse spaces are proposed to be located beside the corridor to create synergy and interest for residents. Radiating from the living-learning corridor are streets and squares created for communal activities. The corridor is proposed to be a double-tiered structure, which pedestrians can travel under as well as on the roof. It will interface with the residential blocks to create an internal circulation system that will link the various blocks together.

The design of the layout of each residential block is inspired by the breakdown of the school’s population. As highlighted in the report, one third of the students would come from Engineering Product Development (EPD), one third would be from the Engineering Systems Design (ESD) and the rest would be from the combination of Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD). Just like how the foundation of the school is made up of these various departments, the design is to create modules of 3 units that will make up the composition of each block. The proposal is to interlock these modules together to create interesting and interactive spaces. Another intent for the block design is to create community spaces within the block where students come together to exchange ideas and contacts. These social spaces are carved out of the blocks in various scales ranging from grand ‘plazas in the sky’ to intimate ‘cozy corners’ to suit the range of activities anticipated to happen in a campus housing environment.

  • Client : Singapore University Of Technology And Design
  • Location : Singapore
  • Type : Institutional
  • Status : Proposal