Singapore Street in Nanjing  ‘re-creates’ the essence of Singapore’s experience through the idea of a ‘living museum.’ It is a platform that articulates and exhibits the facets of Singapore’s culture, through the key ideas of Green, Glocal and Urban. Representing the cosmopolitan yet culturally rich nation, it is a compact collection of public life on display and for participation in a garden setting.

Based in Nanjing, China, the 4 hectares site is conceived as a Recreational and Cultural District that incorporates 2 Garden Conservatories, an iMax Pavilion, Club Street, Rasa Street, Club Street, the Arcade, the Quad, Wellness Center and a Sculptured Skywalk that ties all the different attractions together.

The Skywalk is a pedestrian highway that functions as a gallery with several look out points to introduce the entire Singapore Street development to visitors. It acts as a continuous canopy for the pedestrians below, as well as connecting various pockets of precincts vertically and horizontally, binding the 2 Garden Conservatories at both ends, and continuing the garden adventure of the development.

As a whole, the entire Singapore Street’s experience is intensified through the strategies that create the essence of Singapore throughout the development. Trades and services were packaged to outreach to the masses, allowing the young and the old to participate in all attractions, thus crystallizing and sustaining its commercial viability.

  • Location : China
  • Size : 4 Hectares
  • Type : Mixed Development, Commercial
  • Status : Proposal