In collaboration with Tange Associates of Japan

The triangular form of the OUB Centre (Tower 1) has become a familiar landmark in Singapore, so the new Annexe (Tower 2) needs to have design continuity with Tower 1. Therefore, the design for Tower 2 has been inspired by the ‘Triangle Motif’ generated by Tower 1 which, taken together, forms a coherent whole to produce a stunning and long lasting impression.

Due to its ‘solid’ aluminum façade, Tower 1 creates a powerful presence, simple and strong. In contrast, Tower 2 has a delicate glass impression. The façade treatment of the proposed Tower 2 needs to be deferential to the aluminum façade of Tower 1. If it were to be of stone, it would dominate and clash with the solidity of Tower 1; due to its transparency, glass is therefore an addition, this allows the Towers’ riverside location on the Singapore River to optimize views out during the day and in the evening the building’s façade will light up the sky of the CBD District.

The triangular expression inherited from Tower 1 runs right through Tower 2 from top to bottom. As Tower 2 is not as high as Tower 1, the top part of Tower 2 is cut diagonally so that the top portion more fully expresses the simple beauty of its triangular form. This unity of design is harmonious yet allows the individual aspects of both old and new to work together to create an exciting and dynamic skyline.

In order to reduce its environmental impact, Tower 2 incorporates sun-shading louvers, photovoltaic cells, and rainwater harvesting. Sustainable credentials are seen as an integral part of the building’s overall design strategy in order to enhance people’s lives by creating a comfortable, satisfying building yet not at a huge cost to the environment.

  • Client : Overseas Union Bank
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 119, 126 sqm
  • Type : Commercial
  • Status : Completed in 2011