The project brief calls for the asset enhancement of existing Prinsep House to be upgraded into a full-fledged grade ‘A’ office building. Most grade ‘A’ offices completed within the last 5 years are much larger & occupied prime addresses within the CBD, nevertheless the upward potential to enhance this asset remained strong notwithstanding the site challenges & physical constraints of the existing building.

Façade – The architectural design strategy is to create an understated but dynamic building form by using a light glass facade that drapes over the existing building structure, generating a compelling visual tension with its immediate neighbours along Prinsep Street. This elegant strategy solves the objectives of porosity and natural lighting into the office space and a secured and pleasant working environment on the other hand.

A Translucent Light and Dynamic Façade is chosen as a contrast to the surrounding massive, solid and bulky look. The façade is a “free flowing cloth” wrapped around the podium and office tower therefore presenting itself as one tall tower. Most of the surrounding buildings of the development are imposing and have an invasive footprint in the vicinity. A unitized aluminum façade system with double glazed Low E tinted glass over the form of the existing Prinsep House bring forth a dynamism that creates an unmistakable presence.

Interior – The design strategy is to create spaciousness by using light, clean/sleek materials & details and bright interiors. This is especially crucial for spaces with size constraints. The timber and marble finishes give texture and character making the space warm and welcoming to users.

  • Client : NTUC Income Co-Operative Ltd
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 6,256 sqm
  • Type : Commercial
  • Status : Completed in 2013