In 2007, NBSS was identified by MOE for Prime 8 Upgrading. The intention was to regularize and incorporate the latest MOE standards and specifications, as indicated in the school design handbook edition 2006, to the existing school campus. The project commenced construction in June 2008. Upgrading was completed in Dec 2009 and the school moved back in Jan 2010.

The challenges are to retain and make good two existing 4-storey classroom blocks and integrate the existing blocks with the new classroom blocks, admin block, ancillary and indoor sports hall.

Unlike traditional schools, informal outdoor learning & activity pods are designed and integrated with the corridors/circulatory routes leading to the conventional classrooms. Open terraced decks are designed, connected to teaching rooms to allow spillovers and create alternative teaching zones for discussions and learning. These pod areas and corridors can also become possible venues for exhibition of works.

Versatility is also a key consideration to the planning of the functional spaces, so that future modifications due to changing needs of users and educational trends, can be easily accommodated. Classrooms are fitted with operable walls/partitions to allow space expansions to create lecture theatre seating and large group presentations.

All blocks are well connected by a network of corridors and link ways, which facilitate both physical and visual interactions between different levels, encouraging community living and fostering a healthy campus environment. The blocks are also well-spaced and well-ventilated with in-between outdoor exhibition courtyard, themed gardens and water features.

Facilities such the indoor sports hall and the synthetic field are designed for sharing with the public and the adjacent primary school. Security systems are put in place to allow separate access for public and school during weekdays and weekends.

  • Client : Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 21,348.54 sqm
  • Type : Institutional
  • Status : Completed in 2009