Facade Design
The facade treatment of the tower draws your eyes upwards through projected perspective lines, with a vanishing point high up in the sky providing an enhanced sense of height and slenderness. The otherwise monolithic tower is transformed by oblique lines and folding planes which create a dynamic form making it stand out among the boxiness of its neighbours.
The same language continues through the townhouses, where the planes of the roof and the elevation fold to create movement and lightness.”

Connectivity & Accessibility
Located along Alexandra View within the Bukit Merah Planning area, the site faces Redhill MRT station, viaducts and Tiong Bahru Road on the south. While Alexandra View Road along with super high-rise residential developments on the north.

It is situated within an established residential area and is slated for a residential development with commercial use at the first storey to serve the residents in the area.  The site is envisioned to have a landscape public plaza, which serves as a buffer between the development and the MRT station.

Massing Study
As the building rises, residents are offered interesting views of the horizon; sea view to the south, city view to the east and green view to the north. This densely built-up area composed of multiple rectilinear high-rise developments warrants the new development to take on a distinct architectural expression different from its neighbours.

The approach is to break the scale of a typical slab block into fragmented habitable units, in order to optimize the views and mitigate the wall-like effect of the building.

In order to minimise the acoustic and privacy nuisance of the nearby MRT station, the strategic placement of the high-rise tower and townhouses, 36 meters away from the station was the priority. Moreover, landscaped plaza, multi-layer composition of facilities and lush greenery at podium levels creates an architectural barrier and green frontage.

A variety of landscape is included in the design of the development to provide myriad experiences to the residents.  The 30m lap pool with dining pavilion and feature walls are surrounded by extensive greenery, thereby recreating the urban feel resort. On the other hand, the landscape on the upper deck level adopts an experience in a lush and intimate natural spa resort.

  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 41, 153 sqm
  • Type : Residential, Commercial
  • Status : Proposal