The prominence of JTC@Tuas gateway location offers unique opportunities to create a building that demands unique consideration from a planning perspective. The site addresses a significant corner being located at major industrial precinct at Tuas. There is a golf parkland north of the subject site, a future MRT rail corridor for GUL circle station at Tuas Road and a busy vehicular transit route into Johor Bahru Malaysia immediately off Ayer Rajah Expressway.

This proposal for JTC @ Tuas, provides a unique opportunity to create a distinctive project which becomes a landmark at Tuas Road and provides visual interest for vehicular traffic, pedestrian experience and future MRT commuters. An intricate balance of form, function and sustainability is achieved by integrating function with aesthetics. We have taken the pragmatic requirements of the building elements and weave them into an environmentally responsive and interesting facade. The facade will provide a distinctive marker for the drivers at the crossroads of Ayer Rajah Expressway. The facade design is visually arresting to captivate the attention of motorists commuting along Ayer Rajah Expressway, taking into consideration the short dwelling time of the motorists.

The treatment of the facade facing Tuas road, on the other hand, is comparatively more fine-grained and intricate to address the two other contrasting visual viewports and speed of transit in the urban context for commuters:
One, MRT commuters arriving at GUL circle station will be greeted with a welcoming visual screen to downplay the overwhelming scale of the parking and amenity block with the ancillary carpark ramp structure. The screen may also be used for advertising purposes when required;

Two, pedestrians commuting via the sheltered canopy walkway through the retail spaces and courtyard amidst a garden-like background.

Landscaping is also brought into the common areas such as the lift lobbies, and is applied to the different work levels up to level seven where the dormitory amenities are located. Recreational offerings such as a club house and function rooms are complemented with outdoor garden greenery. The proposed replanned dormitory layout is strategically sited above this level with the internal circulation corridor overlooking the level 7 garden courtyard. The introduction of green will soften the spaces of the development and create a visually and environmentally comfortable environment for the dormitory residents, This development will be an exemplary product for JTC that showcases built quality and sustainability and will be a benchmark in future factory-integrated dormitory typologies.

  • Client : Jurong Town Corporation (JTC)
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 159,834.34 sqm
  • Type : Industrial, Commercial
  • Status : Under Construction, Completion in 2017