Located in West Songjiang Innovation City, Shanghai, this large scale project of 390,000sqm comprises Global Digital Media Hub, Technology District and Town Centre. It aims to create a dynamic work environment focusing on emerging digital arts industry for all China.

Global Digital Media Hub is the icon of the entire development. It consists of an outdoor event space that leads into an auditorium, a digital media canyon, visitor centre, high-end office and co-working spaces.

The main design feature of Global Digital Media Hub is its long bio-climatic facade that will be animated with LED display. A large opening in the facade reveals the outdoor event space that is equipped with full HD screen for launch events and film festivals. In this space, movie stars will be led up a grand staircase and into the main auditorium akin to red carpet events.

The digital media canyon offers a unique and vibrant experience to visitors and employees by enveloping them in interactive digital content displayed on LED screens that runs the entire stretch of the building. As an enclosed atrium space linking all six office blocks, the digital media canyon provides a comfortable and controlled indoor environment.

Global Digital Media Hub contains a variety of media screening spaces. It can accommodate large scale movie premieres, small scale screening events and even outdoor screening which can take place on the office rooftop terrace. The green roof of this building also provides recreational spaces for the public. As a building that serves both entertainment and recreational purposes, Digital Media Hub seeks to be a convivial urban space that can contribute to the public life of Songjiang.

  • Client : D'Hive
  • Location : Shanghai, China
  • Size : 130, 000sqm (Digital Media Hub), 140, 000sqm (Town Centre)
  • Type : Masterplan, Hospitality, Commercial, Institution, Residential, Mixed Development
  • Status : In Progress