Set in a park environment with lush greenery and wide open spaces and inspired by existing rain tree crowns and canopies, the station aims to marry the dynamic experience of riding on the MRT train with the quiet beauty of the rain trees.

Stone walls are used to create an intimate garden experience, while steel trellises rise through the ground to shelter the entrance space. The floor patterns stimulate shadows casted by the trellis frames and the covered linkway design extends the concept of the entrance structure. Fragmented ceiling panels are penetrated by natural and artificial light, stimulating dappled light that filter through the rain tree branches and leaflets.

The entrance design is extended into the underground interior spaces as trellises and stone wall continue downwards to form rhythmic wall patterns. Inside, enlarged ceiling panels hovers over fare gate area to mark the touch point. The entrance canopy reappears at the platform area as the feature ceiling, backlit with artificial lighting to further enhance the identity of the station.

  • Client : Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Location : Singapore
  • Type : Transportation
  • Status : Proposal