The new Buona Vista CCL Station is located under the North Buona Vista Road, adjacent to the existing elevated Buona Vista EWL Station to the south of the Commonwealth Avenue West/ North Buona Vista road junction opposite the Ministry of Education. This new station will act as an interchange between CCL and EWL transit systems and will comprise the existing EWL elevated station which will be linked by a paid connection to the CCL underground station box. The existing BNV EWL station is a four storey structure comprising of grade, mezzanine, concourse and platform levels. The new BNV CCL station will be a two (2) level, dual purpose CD shelter. This underground station will incorporate an island platform, two grade entrances and a paid to paid link connecting CCL & EWL platforms. The station has been designed to provide a seamless integration with JTC’s Vista Xchange Development.

From the station platform four escalators and an open staircase rise through a large void which offers both visual and physical connectivity enhancing commuter orientation and way finding. Its glazed lift acts as a focus within the architectural space and has been located away from the main ticket hall and fare gates for the convenience of people in wheelchairs. From the concourse  level interchanging passengers connect via a bank of five escalators and a staircase to the EWL mezzanine level in which they may use a bank of three escalators to go up to the EWL platform.

The used of glass as its walls, v-truss steel columns supporting a horizontal roof with contrast to its red ceilings made the entrances aesthetically light and transparent.  The interiors are typical for all CCL stage 4&5 with gray GFRC or VE panel walls accentuated with red back painted glass and louvers, aluminium ceiling and glass balustrade with stainless steel railings.

  • Client : Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 11, 561 sqm
  • Type : Transportation
  • Status : Completed In 2011