Located in Baoshan Shanghai, Baoshan Mixed-use Development boasts an expansive site area of more than 66 hectares designed for commercial, educational as well as residential purposes.

The masterplanning strategies include integrating new water bodies and parks to similar existing elements within the vicinity of the site, creating new activity nodes and regional hubs, articulating buildings heights within the site to relate back to adjacent urban developments, as well as creating a layered urban effect to allow maximum views of the new and existing rivers and parks.

The commercial aspect of the design integrates twin high-rise towers as gateway into the development, commercial elements surrounding a waterfront promenade, and a series of elevated arcades bridging across canals and roads networks.

The residential towers are organised around a central core of water body and green parks, and layered to allow maximum views of the canal and parks. The gradual stepping up of the residential blocks from 12 to 46 storeys also helps in creating a distinctive skyline befitting an iconic development in modern Shanghai.

  • Client : Guthrie Properties (S) Pte Ltd
  • Location : China
  • Size : 132, 734 sqm
  • Type : Commercial, Mixed Development
  • Status : Proposal