Punggol Waterway neighbourhood centre and Polyclinic is envisaged as an urban lounge fostering close community bonding.  Nestled between Punggol’s high-rise housing community and the LRT station, it will form a gateway into the neighbourhood community. This people centric eco-development will serve as a family-oriented mall integrated with a centre for wellness treatment with spaces that inform across multi-generations.

The neighbourhood centre and polyclinic’s porosity is conceptualised based on 3 main concepts:

Passive Environmental Simulations
Main wind direction informs zoning site, breaking up the building encourages natural ventilation and bringing in predominant wind movement to areas that are less exposed.

Circulation Routes
Pedestrian and vehicular studies show that entry and exits points facilitates movement across the site from Oasis LRT station towards the water front promenade, as well as connecting the public housing amenities flanking the project site.

Visual Vistas
The main visual corridor divides the site and segregates the polyclinic from the mall. This dichotomy further enhances the zoning between the 2 main programmes which allow users to have unobstructed views from Oasis station towards Punggol waterway and beyond.
Different building heights terracing from Punggol Drive towards the Waterway also forms secondary visual paths from the taller massing behind to the lower massing along the active edge of the waterway.

The “Punggol Gateway” is the result of the amalgamation of the above design considerations that aims to inspire and invite to all users across all walks of life.

  • Client : Housing Development Board (HDB)
  • Location : Singapore
  • Size : 27, 312 sqm
  • Type : Mixed Development, Healthcare, Commercial
  • Status : Proposal