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Yeo Pei Shan

COO, SJ Global Architecture

An experienced and inspirational leader, Pei Shan’s empathetic approach builds trust and brings out the best in her team to deliver efficient and elegant results. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Pei Shan’s portfolio of residential, hospitality, healthcare and interior projects are testament to a meticulous, user-centric, thoughtful design process.

Pei Shan joined SAA in 2016 where she led the interior design for the Woodlands Health Campus project. In her current role as Director, she takes on a pragmatic and forward-thinking approach to the Corporate and Business Development of the firm. She is a strong believer in the firm’s ethos that places the needs of people and community at the heart of our work, keeping the firm adaptable, flexible and always ready for changes in the market.

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